Hair fall is a common problem associated with men 26 years old and above and is caused by several factors including genetics, poor habits and even harsh environmental conditions. Dabur Amla, one of the most trusted hair care brands in the world, remains committed towards exploring ways to infuse the benefits of natural ingredients to its products and in line with this it has introduced the Dabur Amla for Men Hair Cream.
The Dabur Amla for Men Hair Cream is available in 3 variants of Extreme Moisturizing, Root Strengthening and Hair fall control. It addresses the issue of hair fall unlike any other brand.

It also adds several additional benefits such as deeply moisturizing properties and ridding hair of pesky and unappealing dandruff through a special formulation of ingredients. These ingredients are made from the finest sources and have been clinically proven to strengthen hair follicles and reduce hair fall.