Summer dining just got more special with Thanani

Summer dining just got more special with Thanani

Longing for a taste of Europe this summer? Thanani, the contemporary
restaurant in Ajman’s serene Al Zorah Pavilion will be indulging diners with a customised
offering to make them forget the rising temperatures outside. Enhanced by sweeping views
of the surrounding mangrove forests, creek and the Al Zorah Golf Course, the venue is the
perfect getaway.

Enjoy la dolce vita with Thanani’s bespoke Burrata trolley, served tableside featuring
flavoured Burrata from Puglia. The ultimate in interactive dining, this experience allows
guests to choose from a natural, smoked or truffle variety drizzled with a choice of olive
oils, each showcasing a distinct profile. From mild flavoured Spanish olive oil to bold black
French olive oil and an intense Italian olive oil for traditional connoisseurs, there’s
something to appeal to every discerning palate. Accompaniments to the burrata include a
selection of mixed leaves such as baby spinach, baby ruby chard and bull’s blood as well as
tomato concasse, walnut pesto and balsamic vinegar for a well-rounded lift. A sprinkling of
Persian blue rock sea salt can also be grated live by waiters on request.

For those who prefer set options, the refreshing and thoughtfully curated menu, priced at
AED 139, put together by Head Chef Ricardo Menta is an attractive deal. Ricardo has
proved his culinary chops by working for 12 years in London in a variety of high-end
restaurants that specialise in everything from fine dining to tapas. He is known for his
extensive repertoire in Spanish, Italian and French cuisine and believes in allowing the
natural flavour profile of ingredients to shine through. It is this philosophy that has
influenced Thanani’s light and delicately-balanced summer special. Diners can enjoy a
mocktail, a hearty signature seabass or chicken dish for a main, a side of polenta or fries
and coconut parfait or a slice of chocolate cake to top off the meal.

Chef’s Table

Every month we speak to Head Chef Ricardo Menta about what trends are heating up Thanani’s menu as well as the culinary world. This September, guests at Thanani can look forward to a refreshing perspective on food courtesy Ricardo’s eye for detail and rigorous training of his staff who have all been made to understand how important every element of a dish is when it comes to plating the final result. Ricardo has also been instrumental in incorporating the use of salt through brining and marinating techniques, and some of the bestsellers featured on this month’s menu are items that have been brined or marinated for at least 24 hours. As to what guests can look forward to, Ricardo is currently experimenting with innovative ways in which to introduce camel milk to his signature creations.

Thanani is open from 12:00 pm to 12:00 am on Saturday through Wednesday and 1:00 pm
– 1:00 am on Thursday and Friday.
For reservations or enquiries, please call 06 573 3109 or email